is established in beautiful Victoria British Columbia Canada  is being built up by the love of collecting, purchasing and putting on consignment those special quality pieces found throughout Canada, BC and around the world, foraging for that something special you’re looking for, or maybe make you the envy of your friends and guests. lol


We aim to bring you a unique pleasure in owning that hidden treasure, should it be that piece furniture, or just the satisfaction of finding that particular unique item to complement your decor and surroundings.

Let do the hard work, so you can find what you are looking for as you dream in the comfort of your own home or office. Just drop us a line if you are seeking something you can't find, we just might have it, if we don't, we can be on the lookout for you..

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We always are adding to our stores inventory all the time, so please don't forget to check back at our store regularly. 

Or check out  Used Victoria for some of our individual pieces for sale.

We love  "The Collector" Barry Weiss.